Bronze Goddess

Summer is winding down, but that does not mean your inner bronze babe has to wither away. Here is an easy and simple way to get a beachy look without caking on the makeup. This look will emphasize your true beauty and let you shine rather than your make-up. Become a natural bronze beauty with these simple steps:

1. Powder Base:
For a light concealer, I prefer Cover Girl TruBlend Minerals Loose Powder. It goes on easy with a light finish. TruBlend adds just the right amount of coverage without a heavy feeling of liquid concealer.

2. Bronzer:
I also love to use Cover Girl TruBlend Bronzer number 435 for a bronzy glow. Apply to the contours of your cheek bones as well as a light finish all over for an overall glow.

3. Blush:

Add a little rosy pink to your cheeks for a hint of color. I love the Mac Blush in Peachy Keen applied to the apples of my cheeks for little something extra!

4. Eye Shadow:

Add to your eyes a light gold shadow that has a touch of shimmer in it. The color will make your eyes sparkle showing off their natural color. I found a great shadow called the Milani Eye shadow in #11 Beach Sand. Apply with a medium sized brush and cover all of your lid. If you prefer a darker shade, apply a cream base on entire lid before applying your eyeshadow.

5. Eyeliner:

By adding a little eyeliner on the top of your lid, you will bring out your lashes as well as making them look thicker. I love the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen. It is so easy to apply and gives you the liquid eyeliner look without the mess. For a more dramatic look, sweep the liner out into a cat eye to enhance your lashes even more!

6. Mascara:

Add mascara to your upper and bottom lashes to really make your eyes the focal point of your face. I love Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black to add volume and a bit of drama to my lashes.

7. Lip-Gloss:

Finish off your entire look with a little bit of gloss. I am crazy for Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm. It is a gloss that also works as a balm with a minty soothing feeling the minute you add it too your lips. It is a great two in one product that I never leave the house without, especially when I may have had chapped lips.

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