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Fall Fashion: Layering

Layer it on ladies! With the cool months starting to fall in, layering is the best way to keep warm and stay stylish! Even though your cheeks get red from the fall air, you will stay toasty from head to toe!

The trick is to keep adding it on! For one outfit, grab your skinny jeans and pair with boots, a light top, a casual blazer, and a scarf. If you are dying to wear your favorite skirt but its intimidating by the cold weather. pair your skirt with a pair of tights, boots, a top, an oversized sweater, and a scarf. If its really cold, add a jacket on top.

The newest layering trend to hit the consumer market is to take a cute pair of knee high socks and wear them under a pair of boots! A trick you can also do to recycle and save money, take an old sweater and cut off the arms. Sew a simple loop stitch onto the cut side and wear as socks! Your feet and wallet will thank you for it!


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One Fish, Braid Fish!

Fishing for a new hairstyle? Why not try a fishtail braid! This style of braiding was first popular during the 90s and is now making a comeback in summer/fall fashion trends! Make any outfit look a little edgier with a side fishtail braid!

You may be thinking that this is a huge complex hairstyle, but it is actually really easy!

Here’s what you will need:
A brush
A black or clear hair-tie
A few bobby pins

First, you want to brush out your hair so there aren’t an y tangles or knots. Bring it all to one side, I personally like to put it to the side that is opposite my bangs but you can do whatever you like! Separate your hair into two sections. Take a small piece from one section and cross to the other. Repeat this until you start to see a weave forming. Continue to grab sections and cross over as long as you want and secure with a rubber band. If there are any fly-aways that are bugging you just pin them back with the bobby pins!

There you have it! Give the fishtail braid a try sometime and you will be so happy you did!


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