A Tisket, A Tassel!

No this is not a green and yellow basket! It’s a bunch of fringe! The newest trend on the Fall Fashion swing is Fringe and lots of it! Fringe accents are so stylish if you are going for an urban boho sense of style or if you have a rugged side waiting to burst out! Adding a little fringe to your wardrobe will give you that daring edge above the rest!

If you are looking to start out slow with just little accents of fringe, try getting a fringe bad, fringe boots or heals. Adding a little flair of fringe will give you a southwestern chicness that will have your friends gabbing “Where did you get that?”

Once you get used to having fringe in your wardrobe, take the next step and be daring enough to wear fringe clothing! Find a great jacket with fringe or a cutoff shirt that has strips of fringe! You can even find fringe shorts from Billabong that are oh-so-cute!

Have no money to buy some fabulous fringe? No problem! Grab an old shirt that you never wear and some scissors, cut down the top of the shirt with the torso version all that’s left. Cut little slits about half way up on the section of the shirt. Gently pull them down and stretch out the fabric and you are ready to wear! The perfect fringe scarf for nothing at all!

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