Spoooctacular 2011

Halloween is approaching fast and you don’t want to be caught without a costume! Instead of the old ghost costume or over-the-top super sexy costume try these more original ideas!

Die hard Disney fan and believe you are a princess at heart? Become the newest princess, Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled! Just get a long blonde wig, or if you have long blonde hair, divide it into three separate sections, braid each section, then braid the braids together to form an intricate hair style. Grab some silk flowers and attach them all around with light bobby pins. Find a 3/4 sleeve light purple dress with purple flats and you are the lost princess with the magic golden hair!

Proud of your style and looking for an edgier costume, try being a Peacock like Audrina Patridge! If you don’t have the money to buy an actual peacock costume, just take an old black corset and sew on peacock feathers with black thread. Pair with a tulle skirt that you can either buy or make by tying pieces of tulle fabric to an elastic band. Sew on additional peacock feathers to you liking around the skirt or just on the back to finesse a tail. Up the sass with fishnet tights, black heels, and feathers pinned in your hair! Steal the show as the proud extravagant peacock!

If you want to get a little more creative, be a sudsy loofa or grab some friends to be a rock-paper-scissors trio! The loofa can be made with layers of tulle skirts like the one described above with a ribbon tied on to the center of the costume. To become the rock-paper-scissors just go to Office Depot or Staples for some large poster size paper. Pair with a matching mini dress and heels and you are ready to starts solve some problems one battle at a time!

Happy Halloween!

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