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The 70’s are Swinging Back!

Everywhere in fashion this summer, the 70’s styles are making a come back! Big hair, bright colors, and bold accessories paired with over the top patterns are making their way onto the pages of women’s magazines.

Check out Blake Lively’s photo shoot with Glamor to promote her new role in “The Green Lantern.” Blake looks stunning in polka-dot patterns, thick lashes, and a 70s inspired u-pdo that would put Rachel Welch to shame!

How to get Blake’s Fabulous Up-Do:

What you will need:
1 Brush
1 Comb
A bunch of Bobby Pins

1. Brush our your hair and part to the side that is parts naturally on. If you have a natural center part, part your hair to one side before you go to bed with bobby pins and hairspray.

2. Take your comb and tease your hair at the top and on the side. Hold hair up toward the ceiling and brush down at the roots a minimum of 6 times. Repeat on the sides. Once all teased, smooth your hair out with your comb to get rid of any bumps or parts that may be sticking out.

3. Gather all of your hair in the back into a twist. Bring the twist up in the back kind of like a bun but more of a longer bun.

4. Wrap the rest of your twist underneath the bun and pin it all up so the ends of your hair is not showing.

5. Pin according to to level of volume that you want and even stick a daisy on the opposing side of your part for a little softness or mod earrings to top your 70’s inspired look!


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